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The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) brings together the expertise and experience of chief police officers from the United Kingdom, providing a professional forum to share ideas and best practice, co-ordinate resources and help deliver effective policing which keeps the public safe.

Latest News

Delays in the criminal justice system need to be addressed for us to consistently reduce time on bail

The Home Office have today announced a public consultation on bail time limits, recommending that it should be capped at 28 days

Police stations should not be used as a place of safety for those requiring professional medical attention

Following the Government review into mental health laws in England and Wales, Chief Constable Simon Cole says that today's proposals will help ensure that vulnerable people receive the right care, but other issues still need to be addressed

It will become increasingly difficult to maintain an effective service to the public as the present trend in cuts continues

The Government have today announced a cash reduction of 5.1 per cent in police funding for 2015/16 compared with 2014/15