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The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) brings together the expertise and experience of chief police officers from the United Kingdom, providing a professional forum to share ideas and best practice, co-ordinate resources and help deliver effective policing which keeps the public safe.

Latest News

Police will work to ensure that the reporting and recording of crime is more consistent across the service

Following the release today of HMIC's report into police crime recording, National Policing Lead for Crime Recording, Chief Constable Jeff Farrar says that police are committed to bring about change.

ACRO: We are taking seriously concerns about Freedom of Information advice on RIPA

The Freedom of Information Central Referral Unit was established by Chief Police Officers to provide to them,amongst other things, expert advice concerning their resposibilities as defined within the Freedom of Information Act. The Unit is based in Hampshire and is managed by Ian Readhead, the ACRO Chief Executive and Director of Information. He has been responding to concerns expressed in Press Gazette about advice issued to forces regarding FOI requests for information on applications made by police under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which involved the interception of material relating to journalists.

Out of court disposals: offenders will be made to take responsibility for their actions

Government plans to replace cautions with a system of suspended prosecutions will increase victim engagement in the process and require offenders to take responsibility for their actions